If you're trying to login to your computer use these few troubleshooting tips.


1)  If you're seeing the error 'Domain OCBOE not available' this means you're having a connectivity issue somewhere. Check the following.

  • If a desktop: Make sure the network cable (usually blue) is plugged into the wall or switch (white box with multiple blue cables coming from it). Make sure where that cable is plugged into your computer there are lights blinking. If these things are checked off, reboot your computer. If this doesn't resolve your issue submit a ticket.
  • If a laptop: Laptops have a switch on the side of them that allows you to turn on/off wifi at your convenience. Make sure this is switched to ON. This is indicated on the switch if you do not see red behind the switch. If you have a wireless access point in your room make sure it's on and plugged in. You can determine this by looking at the front and there will be an orange and green light flashing rapidly. If this doesn't resolve your issue submit a ticket from another workstation.

2) If you're seeing the error 'Unable to log you on please make sure your username or password are correct'

  • This means your username or password is incorrect. You username is your first name + last name combined (ie zakemerick) Your password is whatever you've set it to. NOTE: Not even our department can tell you your password it's encrypted. All we can do is reset it.
  • If you try and fail logging in 5 times you will be locked out of your account for 10 minutes. This is to deter anyone from using your credentials. On the fourth try I recommend submitting a ticket to have your password reset. Upon resetting you will be asked to reset your password to something, again, only you know! After that your password will expire every 30 days as a security measure.

3) If you're seeing the error 'Logon failed unable to establish a trust relationship with domain controller'

  • Submit a ticket.

4) These errors are the most common and doesn't cover all the issues that can be involved in logging in. Any other errors you receive submit a ticket at https://overtoncountyschools.freshdesk.com/support/home