This article only applies to buildings that have the OCBOEWirelessGuest network available to them. At the time of this writing the buildings this article doesn't apply to are LMS,AHR, Old BOE, and the Central Office. This article only applies to people who use AirPlay to stream iPhone content to their AppleTV.

Do not plug your AppleTVs into the wall jacks for internet access. This will cause them to be blocked.


First we need your Wifi (MAC) address from your AppleTV. You can find out this here:


On AppleTVs the address we're looking for is called the Wireless ID. Submit this as a ticket.


Goto Settings > General > Network on Apple TV

Select Wifi (regardless of which network it's connected to now)

  1. Select Other

  2. Using the arrow keys on the dial type the name of your wireless: AppleTV (Case sensitive)

  3. Use the arrow keys to move to Submit and press the middle dial.

  4. Next type in your school’s password: appletvs (Case sensitive)

  5. Use the arrow keys to move to Submit and press the middle dial.

  6. You will see an IP address for the school’s wireless appear if the information has been entered correctly.

  7. Select Menu to go back to the screen saver.

and you're all done!

If you try these steps before you send us the Wireless ID you will not be able to connect. We must have that first!